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My GOODNESS…what an amazing baby and amazing location to go along with it. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” — Dr. Seuss, Oh! The Places You’ll Go

books and babies

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Always thinking outside the box…one of many reasons as to why I love them SO much. Bring on the graveyard circus… You can see their past awesomeness here and here.

outside the box

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This post has been sitting on my computer for a few days now. I have been at a loss of words to fully describe the one friend who has been with me since birth. We were born and raised as next door neighbors and have been best friends ever since. We played Barbies together, rode […]


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I’ve missed these guys. Can’t wait to share more 🙂


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Happy Halloween from yours truly and one of my most favorite families in my photography world.  Yes, you’ve seen them before…lots-0-times on my blog.  We have a sort of photography love affair type relationship 🙂

happy halloween!

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Lots of fun and color from one of my very favorite families to brighten up your dreary, Michigan day… Love their outfits!  Perfect for our carnival style theme… So many favorites from this session, but this one is super fab.  Rock it Sharon 🙂 Love you in this one, Sharon… Another fave…

tonnies…carnival style

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Is it weird that these images inspire me? Not because I think my images are awesome, sillies, but because of what this family allows me to do every time I photograph them. I photograph them knowing that I have complete freedom and support to capture them in the world as I see it. I get […]

i inspire myself?

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After almost five weeks of traveling, I am back.  Back to the real world and back to blogging.  And back to share with you tons-o beautiful red hair,  sass, smiles, color, fabulous location, and just an all around amazing time with this gorgeous little family…


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I strongly feel that using props/accessories or themes that describe a family or individual are the best (and most fun) way to bring out personalities and relationships. These images make me so happy…just to see the love and fun between the family members. Dang it, I want pictures of my family preparing baked goods!

baked goods

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…on how much i adore this family.  If you haven’t noticed, they tend to show up frequently on my blog and website…most recently here and yep, at the top of my blog.  So hip, so cool, so outside-of-the-box, and oh, so much fun to photograph.

where do i begin…

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