tonnies…carnival style

Lots of fun and color from one of my very favorite families to brighten up your dreary, Michigan day…

Love their outfits!  Perfect for our carnival style theme…

So many favorites from this session, but this one is super fab.  Rock it Sharon 🙂

Love you in this one, Sharon…

Another fave…



  1. What a fun shoot Jean! Wonderful colors and outfits, and of course your shots are outrageously awesome! You continually inspire me. Thanks for never taking a break from that!

  2. Love everything about this!

  3. Steph says:

    So awesome!!! I want a family carnival session!!!

  4. Jess Larsen says:

    What an adorable family in such a great location! So fun!

  5. tamara says:

    these are so fun!! Love it

  6. kelly sitarek says:

    I love seeing these pics each year! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Kasey J says:

    How FUN! Do you think of these locations/themes or does the family think of it? I love all of the color and their clothes are perfect!

  8. Pam Ferrara says:

    What fun pictures! Jean definitely captured the greatest moments!!!

  9. Iseabail says:

    WOW! Those photos are awesome! I love the brightness and I love that it’s at the carnival.

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