shawn and brynne | birmingham michigan engagement

Get ready for a Shawn and Brynne overload! I liked hanging out with them…A LOT 🙂

Ooooo!  A favorite!

Gasp!  Another favorite!

And again, another favorite of mine from the evening…



  1. Mary Mouser says:

    Beautiful images from one of your faithful RSS followers! This couple really had a spark about them and I particularly loved the uniqueness of the city photos. You are always inspiring your readers, Jean. With appreciation, Mary

  2. Kasey J says:

    Wow, Wow, WOWWWWW. I love these. All of them! Those night shots are so cool!

  3. Maki says:

    OooOOoO!!! My favorite is the big tree one! Beautiful photos as always!

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