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I’ve included a very hidden and subtle hint on my mood in the image below. See if you can find it… Not very hidden you say? Yes, I am afraid I am a bit transparent when it comes to my bitter dislike towards winter. I am heading out to Las Vegas for a few days […]

my mood

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One day…long, long ago…in a Michigan where it was warm and green…I photographed my friend, Laurel, and her wee one.  Fast forward to now when I am barely getting around to her images. Thanks goodness for friends with patience.  Thank goodness for photographer friends who understand the “busy” season.  Thank goodness for these two who […]


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862 pictures. That’s how many images we came home with from our trip to New Jersey/New York to visit our friends, the Sherwoods. With so many images I want to share, and so many I am thankful none of you will ever see, I settled on sharing my favorite subject matter…beautiful people who are in […]

new york

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Pretty dang proud of myself for posting on my blog every day this week! It continues next week as I have been shooting and editing like a mad woman chick (I’m not ready to call myself a woman…weird I know). Images, announcements, and giveaways…all coming up on the ol’ blog! Have a wonderful weekend! Here […]


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Another wonderful family that I have photographed several times and am so thrilled to play with them again!  Happy weekend ya’ll!


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I am alive and kicking…contrary to what my quiet blog may lead you to believe.  I have been in and out of town for the last three weeks and have now sufficiently been blessed with lots of rest and relaxation, my wonderful family, and amazing friends. Back in the real world, I am a bit […]

i’m alive

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What have I been up to lately?  Sickness running rampant through my family (over and done now), birthday parties (Happy 8th birthday to my little one), and lots and lots of pictures. Pictures always say it best, so I’ll leave it to them to show these families from four recent shoots. #1 – I spy […]


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Just in case you were wondering how funny I was…


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This makes me happy today.  My boys.  Sunshine. All that is missing is some chocolate.  For me…not them.  Just to clarify.


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