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Somewhere between my brother’s wedding in California and a busy work season here in Michigan last summer, I photographed Shannon Dodge and her family.  Somewhere between the end of that busy season and me cleaning up my hard drives last week, I realized Shannon Dodge and her family had escaped my blog.  So, I pulled […]

cleaning up

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10 numb fingers, 10 near frostbit toes, and one runny nose later, I get one of my FAVORITE senior sessions ever. I introduce to you…Susie…my first 2012 senior!!

susie – high school senior 2012

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First item of business. We are moving into week 2 of our free session giveaway over on our Boka Studios blog. This week, my husband is giving away a free high school senior session (2010 or 2011 seniors). Are you a senior?  You will be a senior?  Know a senior? Go get the full details […]

session giveaway and a wedding

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