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Little angels and pretty mamas and cool dads…

angel with curls | kensington family photography

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Freaking love this kid. One of the coolest guys I have photographed…

joey | metropark michigan senior photography

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Speaking of the amazing weather mentioned in yesterday’s post, here is another product of that same, fabulous day. More sunshine, more warmth, and of course, more people in love while laying in leaves. I can’t help it, I love the leaves, and it only comes one time of year, so just let me overuse it […]

kevin and laura | michigan metropark engagement

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I’m not sure if there is anything more beautiful than a Michigan fall combined with sunshine. Add in a few giggles and some blonde hair, and it just might be perfect 🙂 I ADORE mama and daughter on the left… Love these cuties. We giggled… Giggled some more… We hulu hooped… And golfed… Played by […]

fall and sunshine

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Wait….wha??? Megan’s getting married? I just did her HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR pictures!!! Well, it turns out that time is flying by faster than I thought and that it has already been three years since I photographed her. It also turns out that she is marrying Joe, who is super rad and I highly approve of […]

joe and megan | michigan metropark engagement

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A recent editorial shoot with Cynthia.  LOVE this beautiful girl 🙂 You can see some behind-the-scenes from this shoot in a video on Travis’ Blog. Happy Weekend friends. Model – Cynthia Zhang Hair – Eric Lee Video – Travis Smith


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