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The photography comfort zone, that is. You know you are snuggled right between I-am-kind-of-finding-my-style-and-groove and ACK-I-need-to-improve-my-photography. We’re all stuck there most of the time. Try something new. A new pose. A new lighting scenario. A new genre of subject or people that is out of your norm. A new location. “New forces us to become […]

step out of the zone

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Get ready for a Shawn and Brynne overload! I liked hanging out with them…A LOT 🙂 Ooooo!  A favorite! Gasp!  Another favorite! And again, another favorite of mine from the evening…

shawn and brynne | birmingham michigan engagement

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Darren and Yasmeen 09.10.2011 Toledo, Ohio Shoe envy!!! Whatever Yasmeen’s day job is, I vote she quits and steps into the pages of a fashion magazine…where she rightfully belongs. STUNNING. Hello Handsome Darren…One of my favorite groom shots EVER. Gorgeous girls! I ADORE how Darren treats and acts around Yasmeen.  I love how he is […]

darren and yasmeen | toledo ohio wedding photography

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