the new incredibles

The Incredibles are SO 2004.  Bring on the Imslands.

Ok, after seeing the posing fireman in Katie’s blog post last week and now this, you must think I am the creator of putting-my-clients-in-the-craziest-situations-I-can-muster.  Truth is…I am completely the opposite…never wanting anyone in front of my camera to feel uncomfortable.  But, there are those who like to perform and I am so very happy to oblige.

It’s not my fault the package with Dad’s costume inside arrived on the doorstep as I was arriving to the shoot.  It’s not my fault that Dad had his mask on before I could even ask him to try it on.  It’s not my fault they are early planners and already had their costumes for the entire family on hand.  And it’s definitely not my fault they matched so perfectly as a family of “supers.”  But, it IS my fault that I have such a special place in my heart for this fantastic family of crazies supers.  I have photographed them several times and adore them more and more each time.

When they are not saving the world, they live what looks to be a normal life. I was SUPER excited to see the beautiful Aaron and Alex again and meet their parents for the first time.



  1. Holly G says:

    Love all these! How awesome is that!

  2. Gabi says:

    OMG! No not your fault! AWESOME! Those pics are the bomb! Great costumes!!!

  3. Kristin says:

    I love these people!! Anyone who can work a Captain America outfit and not feel a little, well, funny, is just so much fun. In the more serious world, the photo of the boys on the picnic bench and the last one of the girls on the beach are DIVINE!

    Seriously it makes me hurt inside that we don’t have Halloween in Brazil.

  4. Blair says:

    haha! That’s awesome!!

  5. kelli taylor says:

    Oh my gosh HOW FUN!

  6. Sandy Mabery says:


  7. kristin cook says:

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    seriously, how fun is that??!

  8. Josh S. says:

    Jean, you never disappoint.

  9. Haaa haa ha this post cracked me up! What fun!

  10. Deborah Kemp says:

    I love my INCREDIBLES!

  11. Jim Imsland (Captain America) says:

    Probably the most fun I have ever had taking pictures!

    Jean you always do such an amazing job! Thank you!

  12. Joy says:


  13. Jim (kip) Noll says:

    What a great looking family….even Steve looks “incredible”

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