last post it was boys and babies, this time it’s girls and toddlers. here are two adorable toddlers (is one year old considered a toddler?) from two sessions over the weekend…

adorable toddler a:

adorable toddler b:



  1. Heather says:

    so cute! I esp. love that first one! looks like a magazine cover! and the one she is looking down her pants! HAHA!! 🙂

  2. Hollie says:

    Oh WOW! These are darling! You are awesome!

  3. laurel says:

    Gorgeous girls, gorgeous pics, amazing photographer.

  4. Ashlie says:

    Fantastic as always Jean! I love the little girl looking down her pants, too cute.

  5. Kristin says:

    These are so beautiful! I love how fresh your pictures are. They are amazing as always!

  6. Jennifer Urbin Photography says:

    Darling sessions Jean. I especially love the family shot…so cute. Is that little girl the daughter of the maternity session that you did with the red wall, cream sweater, holding the teddy bear…that’s one of my favorite maternity pics of yours.

  7. Jennifer says:

    oh how cute and happy birthday to her!

  8. ~Ali~ says:

    Okay, you probably don’t remember me but I am an OLD friend of Lindsey’s (your sister in law) My name is Allison (or Ali) and I am in LOVE with your work. I am trying to get started in the business myself. Your pictures are just amazing! I will have to tell Lin thanks for giving me your blog address!! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures!

  9. peyton's mama says:

    I heart your blog!

  10. marywarrenphotography says:

    LOVE them all!!! Perfect

  11. mikkilynn says:

    I love the bloomers one…hmmmm, what do we have here? So cute.

  12. Ruby says:

    Jean you should be doing children’s workshops!
    Your photography is phenomonal, but i’m sure you’ve never heard that before! 😉

    (come see my indian wedding)

  13. Kara says:

    These are beautiful Jean! I’m dying to see the rest of mine!

  14. jjen says:

    oh my gosh i love that third and last one!!! did you use a flash for the third one? it’s perfect.

  15. sheena jibson says:

    these are fabulous!!!! that little one with her bloomers….too cute!

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