week of the pretties vol. 4

Aaaaaaaaaand, we’re moving right along with model number 4…beautiful Krystle. You can see the people who rocked wardrobe, hair, and makeup by clicking HERE.



  1. paula says:

    Dang girl…can I come follow you around. Where do you find these models. Awesome…as always.

  2. Colibriphoto says:

    How I LOVE your work! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Absolutely love the last image.

  4. Josh Houk says:

    Great work as always Jean!!! I have wondered for a while how you get your shots to have that soft/vintage feel to them. Color halftoning perhaps? Regardless, your shots are brilliant!!

  5. So pretty! Congrats! wonderful job!

  6. kristin cook says:

    Jean…your week of the pretties are just unbelievable!!! You do such a great job w/ this type of photography. i think you’ve found your niche!

  7. […] is referring to the images such as this or this (first images in the post).  I shoot with a wide aperture (around f2.8), shutter speed around […]

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