weekend fun…and monday too

you know i am behind on sneak peeks when i get emails that say things such ” do you have a peek i can see? i’m not good at waiting to open presents at christmas either.” or perhaps, “i just can’t wait…i am such an eager beaver!” or maybe my favorite yet…”if i blog stalk you for one more second, my house, husband, and kids are going to fire me.”

haha! here are your peeks my wonderful friends.

friday evening…

saturday morning (i sure hope the parents of these two beauties can tell them apart because i sure couldn’t!)…

saturday afternoon…

and last but not least, we end with monday evening. this little one is 19 months old and (i swear) has the vocabulary of a four year old. hmmm…what does that say for my 16 month old with a ten word vocabulary? i’d better get crackin…



  1. Paula says:

    Oh, I love the daddy kissing the baby. I still am amazed with your color…tips? Those twins are too cute.

  2. Heather Cluff Photography says:

    Holy cow……the last two are amazing. What creativity….totally inspiring :)!

  3. Mike and Joy says:

    Darling. Darling. Love them!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have been a busy girl! I absolutely love the little girl in the pink tutu. She reminds me of my sassy little two year old!


  5. Peyton's Mama says:

    Love them all! Those twin girls are precious and make me yearn for little darlings!

  6. mikkilynn says:

    Look great…my favorite is ring around the rosies and the little boy on his dad’s shoulders. Love ’em.

  7. Slater's says:

    Oh those are so sweet. You are so awesome, Jean!

  8. Jennifer says:

    omgosh what a beautiful family and adorable children, beautiful work girl I especially love that last shot!

  9. Angela says:

    Hi Jean!!! Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!

    Hope you are well.

  10. Jennifer Urbin Photography says:

    Jean…looks like you’re back from vacation full throttle! Love all of these marvelous work darling!

  11. anita says:

    your stuff is so great jean! teach me! =b especially love the family shots you’ve been getting.

  12. sheena says:

    seriously….way too cute!! you amaze me!

  13. Hollie says:

    Hi Jean. This is Hollie’s husband. You really are great. You are talented and the world is a better place because of it. Travis

  14. Jen Petty says:

    I love the blue eyes on the little girl… and the first family one in the woods. Great!

  15. Ruby says:

    You are no doubt one of the busiest people i know!

    Your work is gorgeous as always…I absolutely expect nothing less from Jean Smith.

    Darling little kids for sure.

  16. Kelleeblog says:

    Hey girlie…

  17. DSR says:

    So many great shots! Love the dancing kids!

  18. Haylee says:

    Jean, these are all AMAZING! I’m started looking through these starting with the first saying”oooo, I love that one”, then I’d go to the next, “oh wait, I love that one!”, that happened over and over in this post! Beautiful work! I love your little tubby thing for the twins and the last shot with the scruffy cheeked dad kissing the sweet soft cheeked baby is for sure my FAVE!

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