I am so over-the-top blown away at not only the ideas you guys came up with for the styled mini-sessions, but also for the support you drew from your friends and family to help you win!!  My hands are a little cold and clammy because I am so excited about this whole process and the awesome winners!  After two hours of counting and counting and counting “likes” and comments, the winners are…

1.  Most comments and likes – Sonja Brooks! Her idea?  I would love to do a mini session with my daughter with an Anthropologie Baby theme. I love the anthropologie magazine photos with the eclectic feel. Shots of AnaLeigh in baby hunters and our favorite whispy sundress out in the woods or field. She is just learning to stand on her own and is thrilled about it! She might even bring her “pink woodland bear” snuggly along!

2.  Most Facebook suggestions sent – Kellie Bahri! – Her idea?  I would love to see Karson photographed having a vintage tea party.  Vintage child’s table and chairs in a grassy field with a large oak tree with a vintage chandelier hanging. I see a multitude of pastel colors -pinks, greens, robin egg blues, (quilts,etc.), extra large cupcakes and other treats and mixed matched china tea set. Her wearing a tutu and crown.  Add Landon (3 years old) into my photo idea! He can be the Mad Hatter at the Tea Party (with top hat and all)!

3.  My chosen idea – Donna Levos! Her idea?  “Vintage Bookstore” I see my girls (5 & 8) reading beautiful old hard-cover classics like “Red Riding Hood” in a charming old used bookstore. Picture a sweet pair of blue eyes peeking through a hole in a shelf full of books, a silly pic balancing books atop their heads, a quiet moment of big sister reading to little sister. Or a silhouette of a girl on tip-toe reaching for a high shelf.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest!!


Winners…please email and we’ll discuss!



  1. Kellie Bahri says:

    Thank you Jean! I can not wait to have you work your magic on my little ones again! Landon is now 3! The last time he was photographed by you, he was an infant!!!

  2. 三重住商 says:

    Very interesting; thank you for sharing!

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