Our He Said She Said Workshop went down this last weekend and I am still on cloud nine.  The biggest, hugest thank you goes out to our staff, the amazing sponsors, and Mother Nature…who allowed us a few hours of weather perfection.  AND, the workshop would be nothing without my newest best friends…er…attendees.  We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people…period.

Location:  Russell Industrial Center, Detroit

Staff:  Ken Duffy, Josh Sherwood, and Brittni Shroeder (LOVE YOU GUYS)

Hair:  Kenna and Randall Stephan from Scappare Salon

Makeup:  Courtney Peters from Donoven’s Salon

Girl Children’s Clothing:  Eden’s Bouquet

Last,  a few images from the family shooting portion…



  1. ally says:

    how great! I wish I 1. wasn’t 8 months pregnant, and 2. lived a tiny bit closer. 😉
    Next year!! I’m sure it was amazing. Congrats.

  2. Dana says:

    Great photos, as usual! My brain is still buzzing with all the knowledge I gained last weekend. Thanks to you and Travis for sharing all of your greatness and thanks for all of your inspiration. I feel great things coming my way!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    September 17th literally cannot come soon enough! I’ve been checking out the photos of all my buddies who went this time around, and WOW! Great shots, great models, great swag … and great instructors! So excited :-).

  4. brooke says:

    SO fun Jean! These are beautiful photos.. wish I could have been there for this awesome-ness!!

  5. Ali Martin says:

    Aww…..look how cute you and Travis are! and those models are ALL adorable! Looks like a very successful workshop! Good job guys!

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