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Hey hey!  The countdown to our workshop is on…only 10 more days!  We are so, so, so, SOOOOO excited!  The workshop has been full for a while, but we have decided to open up 2 more seats to the September 16th and 17th workshop.  Waiting list folks have been emailed, but the seats are available to anyone, so please contact me ( or Travis ( if you are interested.

Speaking of the workshop, check out the location of our workshop below…the old LaSalle Winery building in Farmington.  EEEEK…I love it!  I wish I could tuck it in my pocket and call it my own, but alas, our friends at Door 2 Studios hold that honor.  They have been amazing to work with and we are so thrilled to have them as a workshop sponsor and hold our workshop there!  Door 2 Studios has recently announced that they will be renting out their studio space to local photographers.  That is a huge bonus as local studio space rented out on an hourly basis is hard to come by.

In celebration of their opening and in honor of our upcoming workshop, Door 2 Studios is giving big.  For every 50 “likes” on their Facebook Page by Monday, September 12th, they will be giving away a free Point ‘n’ Shoot Membership, along with a free 4 hour block of studio time in Studio A.  Not a photographer?  You can still join the fun!  Out of those who “like” their Facebook page, they will be randomly choosing someone to receive a free photo session by one of the three photographers who own Door 2 Studios.  FREE STUFF ROCKS, so go “like” our friends on their new Facebook page!



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