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Workshops were never something I EVER imagined I would be doing. Yet, here I am…four years  after the first workshop…teaching with my awesome husband and sharing what we love to do. Traveling around the country to teach and meet the people at our workshops has been the cherry on top of it all. I am grateful, humbled, and blessed. We are so, so, so grateful for the support of the attendees who have come and spent the weekend with us, and can’t say enough thanks for the FREAKING awesome sponsors who support our workshops. Scroll on down to see a few of my favorite images from the Chicago and Detroit workshops held in April and May, and to see the companies we use on a regular basis in our businesses and why we love them.












5ColorPrimary Ahhh, White House Custom Color. My one and only printing lab. Love them forever and ever. Awesome quality, awesome customer service, and super fast turnaround time.
Fotofafa-Logo_1_standard I love to edit my images, but quite honestly, after I finish editing a few for my blog or social media, I need help. I just don’t have the time to edit the large amounts of photos I need edited. My time and sanity has returned since I started outsourcing my editing. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to send 600-700 wedding photos to Fotofafa and get them back, all pretty and perfect-like. And, they are just dang cool and funny people.
WebsiteLogo_02 I’m sorry, I’m going to say it. I HATE DESIGNING ALBUMS. Thanks to Align Album Design for doing it for me and for doing an amazing job. My client decides on their favorite images, and I add others to be used as fillers. Align designs my albums in a chronological story and sends them to me to approve or make changes. Once I approve the album, it is sent to my client and my client works with Align to get it just perfect.
Epiphanie-HR-Logo Do they need an introduction? We have all seen their gorgeous bags and who DOESN’T want to be fashionable AND functional? Mmmmmm, I LOVE my Brooklyn backpack/bag.
GFI-Horizontal-Main We are definitely off camera flashers most of the time. But when our flash is on our camera, you better believe we are using a Gary Fong Lightsphere on our flash! It sits on top of our speedlight flash and diffuses the light so lovely like so we don’t have that typical “deer in the headlights” flashy look from typical on camera flash photos.
Joyce-Smith_Wordsmith2 Writing and words aren’t my thing. Thank goodness for Joyce Smith, who has made pre-written session guides for me to send to my clients. She has a variety of awesome guides to choose from, but her What to Wear guides remain my very favorite!
Kubota Kubota has a mountain of amazing actions, but the one set I can NOT live without is their Production Pack. I absolutely love the actions in this set. I use this set on EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO.
MCP Not only is Jodi (owner of MCP actions) an amazing and extremely knowledgeable person, but her action sets have seriously changed my life. I am in LOVE with her new Lightroom presets and her Photoshop Fusion set. She has been able to accomplish things for me that no other action or preset company has.
Totally-Rad I can not say enough about Totally Rad’s “RadLab”. I absolutely love their dashboard (RadLab is a plugin for photoshop). The way you can preview each action and see how they stack upon each other, the ability to create “recipes” right in their dashboard, and on top of that, all of their amazing actions, you will be amazed. If you haven’t tried RadLab, you don’t know what your missing. I highly recommend!
Lens-Giant I can’t tell you how many times we’ve found ourselves in a pinch and needed to rent a lens. Whether we (my hubby and I) have double booked ourselves or we’ve damaged a lens, or heck, just wanted to try something new, LensGiant has been our source. They are amazing. They have incredible customer service and if you live in the Detroit Metro area, you can pick up the lens same-day with no shipping charges!!! We are in serious love with LensGiant.
Mozi_Magazine_Logo_CMYK The owners of this magazine are so wonderful, and beautiful, and funny, and smart, and…OK, I might be biased…because I’m one of them 🙂 But seriously, being part of Mozi Magazine has been an amazing adventure, and we’re so glad to share more of it with our workshop attendees!!!
Organic-Bloom Have you seen their frames?! There is a reason they are taking the photo industry by storm. Their products are amazing! If you offer framed prints (or even if you don’t, you will after you see what they offer), please go check them out. You will be so happy you did!
Photobiz2 If you’re like me, you want to spend your time shooting, not designing websites. OK, even if I wanted to, I have NO CLUE how to even start! Photobiz solved that for me! They have amazing templates, and even more amazing customer support. Their dashboard is incredibly easy to use, and you can change templates with the click of a button. Amazing! My portrait and wedding websites are all Photobiz.
Designaglow  Design Aglow has been one of our favorite resources for guides, templates, designs for a very long time. Their clean, modern design fits perfectly with our style. We have been using their magazine templates as of late, and LOVE them!
Photographer-Cafe Photographer Cafe is another one of our go-to template shops, because, well, we love their style and variety of templates to choose from. If you are in need of a template for albums, cards, storyboards, etc, they’ve got it!! And the price is rad too 🙂
shoppe-logo-final-1000px The Shoppe is an online store featuring an extensive library of layered Photoshop design templates and actions made specifically for photographers. You can either purchase separately, or purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to download whatever you want. What a cool concept!!
TheAlbumCafe I don’t even KNOW how many album templates we have from the Album Cafe! TONS. They have such a huge variety and so many styles. And, of course, their shop is full of all kinds of other templates too.
Think-Tank Over the years, we have tried several different camera bags, but I have to tell you, nothing compares to a ThinkTank bag! We have had our “Aiport International” bag for several years now and thing is just keeps on giving! With two full time photographers dragging the thing around, that’s saying a lot! I will never, ever, ever consider another bag for my gear. Love it!
Westcott Why do we love Westcott? Because their modifiers are perfect for our run and gun style of photography. We are on-location photographers and need a light, easy to cary lighting rig. Westcott’s 60″ convertible umbrella and their Apollo softboxes (which fold down like an umbrella) have become our lighting staple. Crazy easy to setup, light, and portable. What more could you want?!



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