6 reasons to start planning a 2021 or 2022 destination wedding now

Covid. Coronavirus. Pandemic. Isn’t it crazy how those words are mainstream in our daily lives now?

We are living in unprecedented times. Life has suddenly become complicated and unpredictable. Yet amidst all the craziness around us, you’ve fallen in love, you’ve said “yes”, and now you cannot wait to say “I do!”. But what does all of this mean in terms of wedding planning? Keep reading to find out why now is actually a great time to start planning a 2021 or 2022 destination wedding!

You might be struggling with what to feel. In one breath there’s so much excitement and possibility. In the next, maybe you feel guilty when there are such serious problems facing the world. 

You have likely thought that with so much uncertainty and daily changes, right now is the worst time to start wedding planning. It’s true that there is no way to know when all this will be over or what the lasting effects will be. This time last year, brides could have never imagined we would be where we are now!

But I’m here to tell you that planning your 2021/2022 destination wedding right now just might be the best time for it. Here are 6 reasons why: 

1. A Good Dose of Happiness

Now more than ever, we could all use some positivity in our lives. In itself, thinking about your wedding day and future married life brings you joy. Beyond that, studies have shown that anticipating experiences bring greater happiness than purchases. For those planning a destination wedding, you get an added boost because while everyone else is stressing about venues and head counts, you will be planning a vacation where you just HAPPEN to be saying “I do” at the same time!

2. Stretch Your Budget

Longer engagements give you more time to take advantage of sale seasons and discounts anyway. But right now is a great time for booking airfare. The hospitality industry was one of the first to be economically impacted. This means airlines have bottomed out their prices to attract travelers. Using an app like Skyscanner can help you see what destinations and travel months to keep an eye on. 

3. Cover Your Bases

Brides who purchased wedding insurance from companies like eWed are thanking their lucky stars right now. Wedding insurance agencies are no longer covering cancellations for COVID-19 on new policies. If you are booking a destination wedding or elopement for this year or next, you can buy Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel insurance. A CFAR policy means you will only be out a few hundred dollars if plans have to change down the road. 

4. Support Small Businesses

One of the biggest anticipated changes Coronavirus will have on the wedding industry, is business closures. With so many couples having to cancel their weddings, wedding vendors are losing a quarter (or more) of their annual business. As horrible as it is, many won’t be able to weather the storm and might not be around next year. Booking vendors now gives them more financial stability and can help them stay afloat and also locks in the exact vendor you want for your wedding.

5. Keep It Intimate at Your Destination Wedding

If you have never been the type for a huge wedding with everyone and their cousin, there’s no better time to start planning. Since so many people will continue to be nervous about group gatherings and travel in general, you’ll face less pressure to add to the guest list. In fact, many will praise you if you say you want to elope to avoid risking your loved ones’ health.

6. You Can Have The Wedding Photos Of Your Dreams

Do you know those swoon-worthy Instagram photos of gorgeous locales? Just IMAGINE those as the backdrop to your wedding photos! We’re talking breath-taking views that will give you the most incredible photos. With a smaller wedding, your time with your photographer will be more intimate and personalized. This means we can truly capture the essence of your relationship between the two of you and with those close family or friends who may be joining you for your celebration.

You still have plenty of time before your big day so you don’t have to rush into any major decisions. But getting started on your planning now means your destination wedding or elopement will be the incredible experience you deserve.



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