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Hello couples! Congratulations on your engagement! If an engagement session is in your future plans, let’s chat. This session is pretty dang significant because 1) it allows you to connect with your photographer (which is so great for both sides for the wedding day), 2) it will probably be the first and last professional photo […]

michigan engagement photography | what’s your style?

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Covid. Coronavirus. Pandemic. Isn’t it crazy how those words are mainstream in our daily lives now? We are living in unprecedented times. Life has suddenly become complicated and unpredictable. Yet amidst all the craziness around us, you’ve fallen in love, you’ve said “yes”, and now you cannot wait to say “I do!”. But what does […]

6 reasons to start planning a 2021 or 2022 destination wedding now

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You asked, I attempt to answer! For real, thank you for all of your questions! I can only fit so many in one day, so I’ll get to some today and save the rest for a not-too-distant-future blog post. Eric asked…What are your thoughts on Instagram for newbie photographers? What are my thoughts on Instagram […]

q and a

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Hello and Happy Monday internet friends!  A few questions as of late… H asks…I was wondering how you get such crisp images.  While I realize a big part is correct camera settings, I was wondering if you do an sort of sharpening on your subjects. The best chance of getting a tack sharp image is […]

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