Michigan Engagement Photography | What’s Your Style?

Hello couples! Congratulations on your engagement!

If an engagement session is in your future plans, let’s chat. This session is pretty dang significant because 1) it allows you to connect with your photographer (which is so great for both sides for the wedding day), 2) it will probably be the first and last professional photo shoot you’ll have of just the two of you (wedding, babies, family to follow), and 3) you’ll get incredible photos of the two of you!

Planning an engagement session is pretty simple, but there a few things to consider. Besides optional things like hair and makeup, clothing and location are what COMPLETELY determine the mood, look, and vibe of your photos. Keep scrolling to discover your “couple style” so you can get the engagement photos of your dreams!

Which set of words speak most to your heart?

Intimate, Personal, Sentimental

You are a perfect candidate for a home session with comfy clothing, blankets, possibly a pet, and themes that display your personalities (food, games, etc). Or, if this vibe speaks to you but you don’t have a home or want to do it at home, choose a location where had your first date, favorite date, or your proposal spot.

Carefree, Whimsical, Bohemian

You are boho babes! You’re probably drooling regularly over clothing companies like Free People and Anthropologie. Imagine long dresses, flowing fabric, and bare feet. You’ll want to choose a nature location with long grass, hills, and dreamy trees.

Urban, Architecture, Cityscape

You’re heading to the big city! You probably love to get dressed up and this is a perfect location for that! The best option is downtown Detroit, with downtown Ann Arbor as a close second (in the Metro Detroit area). Campus Martius, Riverfront, and all of Woodward Ave are popular and great places for that “big city” look.

Gritty, Colorful, Texture

You love the city, but you’re more attracted to a grungy, edgy vibe. Detroit has so many great options for this look, including Eastern Market, which is full of texture, color and fantastic murals by local artists! Ann Arbor also has a few great options for alleys, wall art, and textured buildings.

Rural, Quiet, Scenic

You’re looking for quieter towns probably several miles from Detroit, Ann Arbor or surrounding neighborhoods. Casual clothing and dresses are perfect in rural areas with fields, barns, orchard, and forested areas.

Trees, Lakes, Landscape

Lucky for you, Michigan is TOP NOTCH for this look. There are endless options for forests, lakes, ponds, bridges, docks, rolling hills, and beautiful scenic pathways. Michigan boasts many state and metroparks and they are my favorite for scenic shoots!

Quaint, Charming, Buildings

You love the look of city and architecture, but aren’t quite into the big, busy look of Detroit. Choose smaller towns that boast super cute and charming main streets, such as downtown Northville, Milford, Clarkston, Brighton, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Howell, Ferndale, and Rochester.

Rustic, European, Charming

The beautiful rustic, European look is plentiful throughout Michigan, but please note many locations aren’t available for photo shoots (such as Cranbrook which requires you to be a student or alumni) or require a fee (Mill Race Village, Greenfield Village, Ford Fairlane Estate, and Edsel and Eleanor Ford House). There are several free options, with the University of Michigan campus being one of my favorites!

Posh, Indoors, Dramatic

You love to get dressed up and look fancy! A cool restaurant or hotel lobby might be perfect for you! These locations always require prior permission to shoot. And it’s even more fun to shoot at a location that’s personal to the both of you for some reason (first date, favorite restaurant, personal connections, etc).

Sand, Sun, Water

You’re headed to the beach! You love warm weather and casual clothing like shorts, flowy dresses, loose off-the-shoulder sweaters, etc. There are many options along Michigan’s coastlines, but lucky for us, many lakes (especially in Metroparks) have beaches and are surrounded by gorgeous tree/foliage scenery.

Elegant, Classy, Timeless

If this describes you, I’m guessing you love to get in a dress and heels, a nice suit, and would fit perfectly at a beautiful, elegant location like Detroit Institute of Arts or the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

If we end up working together for your engagement session and you find yourself connecting to more than one set of words, no worries. We can chat and I can give you suggestions for clothing and locations that will fit you perfectly!



  1. Amelia says:

    Hello, my fiance Brendan and I met at Sparrow Hospital as nurses. We have been budgeting for the wedding and are at the point of cutting engagement photos. We would love to do a unique nurse/stethoscope/possibly scrub themed shoot as well as some cute outdoor photos. We are still shopping for a wedding photographer for 8+ hours on 9/29/2023. We would love to win your contest, but also, your work is beautiful! Please send a quote for our wedding:)

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