bernardo and tracy | st thomas wedding photography

Tracy wasn’t kidding when she emailed before the wedding and said “We consider you and Travis part of our extended family at the wedding.”  After the first day, I think WE weren’t even sure if we were the photographers or the family at Bernardo and Tracy’s wedding in St. Thomas.  We quickly found ourselves hanging out at the pool with the family chatting it up with Uncle Juan in Spanish (well, Travis was doing the Spanish chatting…I no speako Espanol).  I absolutely love the emotion and intimacy that comes along with having a small group at a destination wedding.  Just a group of very best friends and family…spending time together…in a ridiculously beautiful place.

Thank you, new friends…for being such a great group, and THANK YOU Bernardo and Tracy…for looking so hot on the beach.

While I was with the girls getting ready, Travis was capturing one of my favorite groom pics ever!

Tracy…are you kidding?  STUNNING.

Annnnnnd, apparently, it’s time to get this party STARTED!



  1. Josh says:

    You guys captured everything that I would envision a destination wedding to be. Phenomenal work, as always.

  2. ally says:

    Those are ROCK’N! I really love them all, but the one that I adore is the lawnchair one. Just super cool.

  3. Amazing Jean. Just amazing.

  4. Gabi says:

    GORGEOUS! I think maybe I reconsider getting married and make you and Travis part of my family too! 😉

  5. Kimmy says:

    Amazing as usual! I love looking at your work!

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