bernardo and tracy | st thomas engagement

Too much warmth is never a bad thing.
St Thomas is beyond dreamy and I am definitely going back soon.
Sigh…Bernardo and Tracy are SO in love.
Need a new sundress…and a tan…before I go tropical again.
Tracy was the most beautiful beach bride.
Why are my pants fitting tighter? Dang all you can eat resorts…

Oh, what’s that? I must be daydreaming out loud again. Ok, back to reality. The reality is that I am so happy that Travis and I had the opportunity to document Bernardo and Tracy’s beautiful wedding in St. Thomas. The other reality is that despite the horrid temperatures here in Michigan, I love Michigan and am happy to be back. We have some super exciting things coming up (the first is to be announced on MONDAY), and life is….wonderful.

Enjoy a few images of Bernardo and Tracy…pre wedding style. We had a few minutes before the rehearsal dinner and took advantage of the beautiful light and location! Wedding images coming soon!



  1. Lisa says:


  2. Monica says:

    Jean, is it just me or are all the women you photograph gorgeous?

  3. Dana says:

    LOVE, love, LOVE!!! I can just feel the warmth (and love) looking at these photos. Can’t wait to see the rest! Great job as always Jean and Travis.

  4. Love the second to last one!

  5. Maran Grant says:

    SO beautiful. We were so sorry we couldn’t be there…

  6. kamee june says:

    jean, you are so legit. in a sea of people trying to make it as photographers, you are the real mccoy! everything you see and do is genius. i am inspired by you, today!

  7. Trish Morton says:

    I love the black and whites and the stairs the best! Fantabulous!

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