peter and carmela | birmingham michigan carnival engagement

We didn’t plan on pictures at the carnival. But…we just happen to walk through on the way to our cars… and there was a big Ferris Wheel…and Peter had money for cotton candy…and she was wearing a bright blue dress that matched perfectly…so…it was inevitable that we stop and take a few shots on our way out of Birmingham. We got one of my new favorites…

A little carnival fun and then we were off to her house and we got some more of my new favorites…

Aren’t they so pretty?

Sigh…I love her happiness in this image…



  1. Melissa says:


  2. Ok here’s the thing. I love how happy she is too. I love the reflection in the car and the sun. I love the way the dog looks like he is in heaven with these two because they are extraordinarily beautiful and content. I love the shots at the carnival (they were truly meant to be), and as always, I love how you have captured all of it. You are killing me with your talent!

  3. Ali Martin says:

    These pictures are a dream! Like seriously……completely and utterly amazing! The carnival was gosh dang rockin!!!! These pictures complete me! haha Love it!

  4. kelli taylor says:

    they are all so awesome, I couldn’t even pick a favorite!

  5. Brooke says:

    UM THESE ROCK! such a perfect session

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