wally and christina | inn at st john plymouth wedding

I still get a tiny tear in my eye thinking about Wally standing there in his uniform at the alter waiting for his beautiful bride-to-be. He looked so calm and so excited at the same time…and having no idea the emotion he was sparking in my heart (as well as others, I’m sure). It was beautiful and perfectly fitting to photograph these two on Memorial Day weekend. Thank you Wally, for serving our country…and thank you Christina, for being one of the sweetest and most beautiful brides I have worked with.



  1. I just love your view of the world Jean. Such a beautiful couple!

  2. Colleen says:

    you did this hero proud…..absolutely inspired posing of the groomsmen and beautiful closeup of his uniform. All the photos are incredible. I’m 2nd shooting my 1st wedding next weekend and I thank you for sharing these…..

  3. Jessica says:

    Speechless. Seriously, these are so beautiful.

  4. stephanie lyon says:

    WOW! She is SO beautiful, I would have killed to have pictures like that of me on my wedding day!

  5. kamee june says:

    you are a photography goddess divine. these took my breath away and made me shake my head saying, “she is so damn good!!” love everything you do!!!

  6. Cat says:

    Jean ~ I love looking at your beautiful photos. These bridal portraits… WOW. She is stunning and the lighting is glorious. Also, you did those shoes some serious justice! What a pretty wedding.

  7. Brandi says:

    gorgeous as always!

  8. Staci says:

    I want those shoes!!!! So CUTE! I also want one of those raspberry desserts 😉

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