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Kate’s model shoot last week… I went a bit crazy with posting images… Couldn’t help myself… Isn’t she lovely?

kate overload

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I find inspiration from many different sources…namely magazine ads, other photographers, daily life… …but then there is Anthropologie. I love the look of Anthropologie. No, I don’t think you understand. I get crazy giddy when I get their catalog comes in the mail. When I have more than two seconds of spare time in my […]

my love of anthropologie

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She wasn’t part of this shoot, but she fits perfectly into this week’s series, which I have so weirdly named, the week of the pretties. Have a wonderful weekend!

week of the pretties vol. 5

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Aaaaaaaaaand, we’re moving right along with model number 4…beautiful Krystle. You can see the people who rocked wardrobe, hair, and makeup by clicking HERE.

week of the pretties vol. 4

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Next up in our line of models is Hayley. Ohhhhh, isn’t she dreamy?

week of the pretties vol. 3

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More images from our shoot in Pontiac.  Meet the lovely Cora…

week of the pretties vol. 2

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I promised eye candy and I shall deliver.   We (me, my husband, and Brittni Schroeder) did a shoot last week with five lovely young models.   I have too many images to squish them all into one blog post, so I am going to post each day this week.  We shall call it the Week of […]

week of the pretties

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Just a few shots of some recent happenings at the studio. Wait. Studio? Wha? But, Jean, you are an on location photographer! You don’t have a studio! Well. Tis true I am not a studio photographer, but there are some times that a studio comes in handy. So, the hubbs and I do rent some […]

some haps

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Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to shoot models? Pretty girls, pretty clothes, cool locations. I. LOVE. IT. Thanks a million to the beautiful models, Mandy Gutierrez for hair, and Emily Zelenak for makeup. Want more? You can see my hubby’s (Travis) view of the evening over on the Boka Studios blog.

model shoot

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Dear Sunshine, See how you shine through Lis’ hair and it looks so beautiful? I miss you dearly. I am going stir crazy in this grey, cold mess we call winter. I can’t wait to see you this spring. Love, Me Images taken in a modeling shoot with Lis…Fall 2009.


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