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Wow, WOW…hello beautiful! I loved Melissa’s calm, elegant, pregnant little self. So easy to work with, so easy to photograph. Makes pregnancy look so easy, eh?


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Hands down, canvas gallery wraps are my most popular product.  They are are beautiful, unique, and contemporary.  However, I also understand they can be pricey and therefore a lot of people miss out on their awesomeness.  Soooo, for the first time EVER, I am offering a gigantic ol’ sale on canvas gallery wraps.  From now […]

sale! and a maternity session!

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not many words, just lots and lots and lots of pictures of some fabulous people. here’s what i have been up to in the last week…ish. wee one #1 to my friends (and neighbors) in these next pics…please love me after posting these first two…i just LOVE that it screams this-is-our-crazy-but-so-much-fun-life-with-all-boys, because i can SOOOO […]

insert cool title here

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love those bellies and i absolutely loved this momma and daddy to be and their baby bump. SO. MUCH. FUN. good luck you two and i can’t wait to meet your wee one!

baby belly

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i decided some people “pull off” pregnancy better than others. i mean, look at andrea…beautiful and absolutely radiant. i also decided that i am not one of those people. six weeks after having my baby, it is still all too fresh in my mind. so, i will let people like andrea sit there in all […]


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no baby yet. soooo…we wait…sigh. if the baby doesn’t come on his or her own by thursday, then i will be induced. so, if you call or email and i don’t respond right away, you know what i am up to 🙂 wish me luck! oh, and p.s…this is NOT me at this horrid moment […]


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“grow a belly and then come talk to me about taking your maternity pictures!” brutal words spoken from one pregnant girl to another, but they had to be said as i struggled to find the pregnant belly i was supposed to be photographing. my photographer friend laurel and i swapped a few maternity pics (we […]

grow a belly

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here i am again with a gigantic post full of sneak peeks! one of these days, i will change my ways and just post daily so i can spare your poor finger from scrolling down with that mouse. but, until then, let’s have a peekers at who i have had the pleasure of hanging out […]

monster of a monster post

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