i decided some people “pull off” pregnancy better than others. i mean, look at andrea…beautiful and absolutely radiant.

i also decided that i am not one of those people. six weeks after having my baby, it is still all too fresh in my mind. so, i will let people like andrea sit there in all of their photogenic glory and i will photograph them to my non-pregnant-and-super-happy-about-it heart’s content.

good luck to this beautiful family!



  1. Kelli Bramble says:

    Yeah, she is just GORGEOUS! I'm with you in the "not pulling off pregnancy" boat! Love the 2nd to last one, beautiful.

  2. Feely Photography says:

    You're right…she really is radiant. I love these photos you captured. Gorgeous 🙂

  3. MJ - says:

    Beautiful!!! Love them all Jean…although I would never be brave enough to get maternity pics. I tend to resemble a whale by the third trimester.

  4. April says:

    You are SOOO insanely talented Jean! These are just breathtaking!

    And what a hot mama. She almost makes me want to go for #4 sooner than I had planned, but not quite.

  5. Kelly says:

    those are fabulous!!!! i agree – i absolutely did not pull off the whole pregnancy thing either… but how fun to have a client like that 🙂 she is stunning and i'm sure that baby will be ADORABLE! can't wait to see the newborn images 🙂

  6. miss.molly says:

    OMG!!!! I love them! This almost makes me want to have another! I'll definitely do the belly pic.'s next time!

  7. Julie Freeman says:

    That one with the moms head on dads shoulder is AMAZING!

  8. Allison says:

    As always FABULOUS!!! I love the second just because it is so relaxed.

  9. kam says:

    i'll tell you what's ridiculous…YOU…that's what's ridiculous! and this mom should be in magazines. she looks so great and redefines all definitions of pregnancy. she should be pregnant forever if she looks that good…:)
    jean, thanks for the love on the blog. i was jumping out of my skin when i read your comment. thanks a thousand times over. xxx kam

  10. Brooke says:

    Stunning Jean. You always nail it. She is a gorgeous! Did you ask her secret?

  11. mikkilynn says:

    I love them…'nough said.

  12. Stueller says:

    Jean I love love love these… she is beautiful and you did a fabulous job!

  13. melissa says:

    These are beautiful. I won't let anyone get even close to me with a camera when I'm pregnant! You are a genius.

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