daily post 10…availability

spring and summer are upon us…which means that everyone is coming out of winter hibernation and are in need of pictures!

due to that, my weekends are currently booked until the beginning of september…THANK YOU to all of my current and new clients! i do have limited availability left on the weekdays. so, if you are interested in a summer session, please contact me as soon as possible. also, if you are interested in a fall session, i suggest booking early to secure a date of your choice! and, of course, i always leave extra squish room for those newborn sessions!

you know i can’t post without a picture. i was driving to a recent session and drove past this lovely little scene. having severe spring fever, i jumped out and snapped a picture. it is simply a “happy” picture to me. makes me think of sound of music (although i have only seen bits and pieces, so i may be way off). anyway, until tomorrow…



  1. Mike and Joy says:

    Oh, that’s nothing. I frequently drive by gorgeous green fields with a lovely little church sitting in the middle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? I am so envious! It’s a gorgeous picture, too. So, your wedding pictures inspired me to learn more about the beloved speedlight and I (gasp) read the manual today. Talk about good reading. Anyway. I love your pictures.

  2. Peyton's Mama says:

    I have the desire to become a photographer but not a lick of talent to do it.

    So I shall live vicariously through you and be amazed at each image you capture.

    You rock sista! And you’re quickly becoming a legend in Monroe!

  3. monica says:

    Jean, this Church looks just like the one in Guns & Roses music video, “November Rain.” Except there wasn’t such green grass and blue skies. I actually think the music video took place in Mexico and there was swirling dust in the desert with grave stones…. maybe it’s not the same church. 🙂

  4. Josh & Amanda says:

    so, what’s your schedule around Christmas? When are you guys going to be in UT? We may have to talk about flying you down to Missouri around the new year to do our family pictures. What do ya think?

  5. Jennifer says:

    oh Jean this is perfect, absolutely stunning!

  6. Hollie says:

    HOLY CHURCH! This is beautiful, I have always wanted to find a cute white church and take a picture. I would totally love to hang this on my wall. You could sell this for big bucks. Awesome, awesome, awesome…

  7. j.urbin photography says:

    Beautiful photograph…your colors are so intense! Amazing.

  8. Kirstynn Evans says:

    I can totally see you swerving over a lanve of traffic to pull over and get a picture! Anything for a photo-opp.

  9. Holly says:

    Jean – Jason says that Travis should just quit his job and be a full time dad so that you can open up some more time for photo shoots. You are amazing!!

  10. mikkilynn says:

    I swear I can almost see the perfect bride frollicking over the perfectly green grass. I like it a lot! (in Forrest Gump’s voice) Really, though, I love it.

  11. Roger That says:

    Okay the grass with the cute white chruch in the back ground! I AM SO IN LOVE! I want one of these!

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