I know. The hair. IS FREAKING ADORABLE. I have never seen a child with so much hair…let alone a six month old!! I last photographed her when she was a newborn…so fun to work with this beautiful family again!

Towards the end, we headed into a little market that they frequent often.  Love the shots in there…



  1. Holly G says:

    LOL, that hair is too much!!

  2. Brandi says:

    What a sweet family:)

  3. melissa b says:

    she’s a cutie pie. love the hair!

  4. What a gorgeous little girl! Amazing shots as usual!

  5. Love this session Jean! She is adorable and that hair!!!! Ha I love babies with lots of hair. So fun!

  6. Jen says:

    OMG I LOVE this session inside while “out & about” SO cool!

  7. Ali Martin says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! She is 6 months????? Sheesh….I wonder if they would let me borrow some of that hair for my BALD 6 month old! haha

    Hair aside…. These pics are STUPENDOUS!!! The one with her sitting on the floor of the market! AAAHHHH! Toooooo cute! What a gorgeous family!!! Good work!

  8. Julie Parker says:

    This is my FAVORITE session! EVER.

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