i’ve had it

all right, that’s IT. i am freakishly behind on most everything in my life right now. blog included. so, in an effort to help the blogging situation, i am going to post every day until i get caught up on those poor souls just waiting to get a peek at their recent sessions!

meet the lovely senior, andrea…what a great day we had trudging through raspberry fields, dirt, and weeds!



  1. Allison says:

    she is beautiful. i love the raspberry field. that is dangerous to commit to post everyday. i am super excited though and will be checking to see what is new and exciting. good luck on getting caught up, but i know you will do it. you are super woman.

  2. Jen says:

    seriously?! those are really good!! and what a pretty girl!!

  3. DSR says:

    You always do such great work with seniors! Love the last one. And your plans to post every day? I'll believe it when I see it (and I hope I do– Love your work)!

  4. Marvett Smith says:

    I love that last one. She is gorgeous, and she plays volleyball too?? She is my kind of girl! Great work on the pictures as usual.

  5. Joy Alice Photography says:

    Holy wow. The raspberry field is out of this world! Fabulous, fabulous.

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