jean, you’re so lucky

I hear it and I hear it a lot.

“You are so lucky that you are a photographer and can get great pictures of your kids anytime.”

Am I lucky?  Take a look inside a recent photoshoot attempt of my boys and you decide how lucky I am.  It’s not easy being a photographer to your own children.  Yikes.

But, then again…they managed a few treasures out of the chaos.  Ok.  I’ll still be in love with my boys 🙂



  1. Joy says:

    Oh, those words always make me feel so guilty because I am usually so busy photographing other people’s kids that I don’t have nearly enough of my own!! You really did get some golden images of your darling boys! We miss you guys!

  2. Holly says:

    I love all of these! 😀

  3. YES YES YES! I so understand this post!

  4. Debbie says:

    Now truly, more than one of these were priceless…. in fact more than priceless. The personalities that you’ve captured will be treasured … but maybe not until they’re older – lol. What beautiful boys

  5. Amanda says:

    Wait… I don’t recognize ANY of those boys. They must not be yours because they are WAY.TOO.BIG. Little baby Beckham…killing me right now with how not so little he is anymore! We need another NYC/Jersey shore trip. Stat.

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks for the laugh Jean-I bet they had a blast running around the studio. Did you happen to drop any “f” bombs, grit your teeth, scowl (not that I’ve been in your shoes or anything;) You did get some real gems-they have amazing eyes!!

  7. kelli taylor says:

    LOL! I can TOTALLY relate! Even though I only have one boy, he has no interest in me when I have my camera in my hand. Not to mention sometimes the last thing I want to do is edit and color correct more photos.

  8. I totally just barely did a post on the same exact thing ;). Hardest thing ever and you definitely do not feel so lucky when you are doing it. Love your work!

  9. You are lucky because you get to be mama to your three children : )

  10. Jess says:

    Are you kidding me!!!! Its amazing if I get one shot of my child that is half way decent to print.

  11. Allison says:

    Cole does not think Kaleb looks very happy. Awesome shots J.

  12. Allison says:

    Oh yah…you need to make these big and hang them on your wall.

  13. lroah says:

    LOVE. 🙂 Great post!!!!

  14. Tessa says:

    Do you have four boys? I think I counted four but to you it might seem like double that many! I have THREE BOYS and sometimes it feel like i have three times that many. Sometimes I just have to laugh at how the dice rolled for me and not even one girl in the bunch. I hear you about the “your’re so lucky!!!!” thing. Doesn’t matter how talented or determined you are to get “good” portraits of your children, it’s only by the use of extreme bribery or exceptional luck, OR when all the stars are lined correctly that I can get a decent shot. Love what you captured here and I am an admirer of your unique and wonderful style! Cheers!

  15. Laura Finley says:

    Your boys are so adorable!

  16. Maki says:

    LOL, I LOVE it! My husband’s one of three boys (I’m one of three girls ha!) and these are what I imagine they were like growing up. Or actually they’re the same, just bigger lol. The first set of craziness are my favorite….their day to day shining through!

  17. Melissa says:

    I am convinced that creative brains make baby boys! I am a photographer as well, with three boys and no girls… I see so many photographers posting images of their own families and more often than not, they are all boys! I think there needs to be some kind of study done on that or something 🙂 In any case, your boys are adorable and I love all of those shots!

  18. I think you captured them perfectly! I also think you are lucky too. A house full of handsome boys. I only have one and I can’t get enough of him! 🙂

  19. Julie f says:

    So fun Jean! I love your out takes too 🙂

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