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I have a dream. Well, let’s be honest, I have a lot of dreams, but this post is about lakehouse dreams.

When we first moved to Michigan, we often heard things like “we’re going up north,” or “we are vacationing up north,” or “we have a cottage up north.” We soon found out that “up north” is a magical, hidden gem of hundreds and hundreds of miles of small lakes, huge lakes (Lake Michigan and Lake Huron), lighthouses, beaches, rivers, quant little towns and restaurants, and the most gorgeous green scenery you’ve ever seen. We’ve lived here for twelve years and we barely feel we’ve scratched the surface of “up north.”

I recently photographed this family that I love and adore at their lakehouse in Northport and I’m so excited to share them with you! I am currently in full covet mode of their gorgeous little lakehouse in their gorgeous little corner of northern Michigan. So my dream is to steal their house from them so I can have it forever.

KIDDING. I love you C family!

But…someday…I’d love to have a little lakehouse of my own “up north.”




  1. Tina says:

    What more could a Mother want

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