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oh poor little blog…how neglected you have been. not just the last week, but for the last few months. i just get on, post a few pictures, write even less words, and call it good. yes, these last months have been crazy busy and i haven’t had much brain power for words, but i guess people come here to see my photography and not hear me speak anyway. so, we are all happy.

well, i do have a lot to share from the past couple of weeks, but they will have to wait as i am heading to hawaii tomorrow and trying to finish up last minute orders. yippee! i am so excited to celebrate our good friends’ wedding, our ten year anniversary, and a reunion with the best of friends. ahhhhh.

soooooooo, needless to say, i will be unavailable until the 15th. i will return all emails and phone calls then.

love you all and please enjoy the freezing cold weather while i am gone…



  1. The Vanleeuwen's says:

    Have a nice holiday. Lucky you:)

  2. marywarrenphotography says:

    Have a great holiday!!!

  3. laurel says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures! Soak it up because we’re covered in snow.

  4. jjen says:

    lucky girl! can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. Sarah & Trent says:

    Oh my gosh! cool– so glad you get to go to hawaii too, my favorite place. I’d totally live there. CONGRATS on your little one too! I think our babies should be little friends. I’d totally fly up there with my child to have you take some pics– I LOVE this blog!

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