organic beauty

I tease her that she is Nature’s daughter. One with the universe. Her aura oozes milkweed and sunshine. This is my own little organically beautiful friend, Laurel. She is a photographer as well, and sometimes…when we’re feeling bored, or even inspired…we create beauty with a bathroom wall, a few random props, and pretty light.




  1. Siri says:

    Jean, you are such an inspiration!!! The fourth one (third row), is my favorite. Your friend is stunning and so very lucky to have such an amazing photographer as a friend!!! I’m doing a personal shoot on Monday with a family friend. I’m so very excited!!! <3

  2. jenny lowe says:

    i get so excited when you blog. You never let me down. LOVE this. Beautiful subject and concept.

  3. Maki says:

    It really is kinda unfair how beautiful BOTH of you are. Wanna share some of that beautifying MI water? 😉 Gorgeous images!

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