as i started venturing into the world of photography, i had so many ideas of how i wanted to use my photography in ways other than my hobby/job. as life goes on, life gets more busy, and my ideas are there…but they stay tucked away because i am just “too busy.”

well, enter travis, my husband. after talking and dreaming about it for so long, we decided to start our new photography company, boka studios. and with it, came all of HIS ideas of how we could use photography other than just our hobby/job.

the difference between us is that he doesn’t keep his ideas tucked away…he never does. he takes his ideas and puts them into effect…as effortlessly and smoothly as anyone i have ever seen.

so, in the two months we have been working together, we have put into effect a set of mini sessions featuring friends and a contest, a photowalk with 30 other local photographers in detroit, and are hosting a charity event next saturday. and when i say “we,” i mean HE puts everything together and i show up for all the fun. LOVE him.

our first photowalk took place last saturday at eastern market in detroit and we had such a great time meeting other local photographers and “photowalking.” i loved it that there was such a variety of photographers…hobbyist through professional. i loved it that we were at eastern market so that we could experience so many textures, colors, people, and architecture. AND, i loved it that michigan held out for one more day of fantastic weather.

i was herding the kiddie models, so i didn’t get to see or shoot as much of eastern market as i wanted, but here are a few shots of the models i captured. you can see more over on our boka blog.



  1. kelli Taylor says:

    DARN! How did I miss this!? Let me know if you do it again!?

  2. paulak says:

    What a fun event. Its things that this that really make me wish we lived in a bigger more urban city. A city with creativity…guess that's where I come in…bringn' it to the small town folk. Love the shots.

  3. Ken says:

    I had a great time at the Photowalk, Jean. Thanks for scheduling it during our T-giving visit! That little half-Asian boy is a handsome devil . . .

  4. Brooke says:

    Jean, these are phenomenal. Post after post, you just amaze me with your crazy talent and skills!

  5. Ashley Mae Photo says:

    Just have to say, you are my hero! Your pics are flawless. I love stalking your blog. Beautiful people/ colors & they all make me smile 🙂 Your FABULOUS.

  6. Monica Dyke says:

    Thank you so much for putting the photowalk together. It was a wonderful experience.

  7. mikkilynn says:

    Fabulous…all of them!

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