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You may remember Cynthia fromΒ last winter‘s shoot. Well, we decided to get together again, but this time, in warmer conditions. So, meet Cynthia again…summer version πŸ™‚

cynthia…summer version

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My little Miss Michigan is back and she is ALL grown up! I’ve been photographing Vivian for a few years now and am in awe at her beautiful presence and absolutely adorable personality. A pleasure as always, Miss Vivian πŸ™‚


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Karen…what else can I say…other than YOU COMPLETELY ROCK and were meant to be front of my camera πŸ™‚

karen…class of 2012

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Speaking of styling, these little ones have it ALL figured out…


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Martha…ummmm…speechless.Β  You are a beautiful angel of dance.Β  And I can get away with saying things like that because I have four boys and I will never be able to use words like that in my house.Β  An angel of dance…and personality…and sweetness…and fun…

martha…class of 2012

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I know…you want to squeeze her, hate her for her beauty, sign her up for America’s Next Top Model, and elect her for president of the Hot Club all at the same time. This is my Hayley. Yep, MY Hayley. I’ve known her since a week after I moved to Michigan four and half years […]

hayley…class of 2012

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Yep, I’m convinced. I am SURE we didn’t look like this when I was a senior. By WE, I mean my entire graduating class…just to make me feel better. And by THIS, I mean supermodelesque. Olivia…you are so beautiful…inside and out.

olivia…class of 2012

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Love it when a girl can rock the high fashion and then turn around and be the casual and beautiful girl-next-door. My camera loves you Shelby!

shelby…class of 2012

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How often do you get a longboard, a Chickolaterie, apples, a chicken,Β  bright red lipstick, and a most beautiful and fun senior all wrapped up into one high school senior shoot?Β  Uh huh…let me see you beat that combination. Everyone loves a girl that can rock a longboard… Anyone who can make apples look this […]

mackenzie…class of 2012

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