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Sofia, Sofia…lovely Sofia. A foreign exchange student from Mexico. Hair that looks amazing even in CRAZY winds. So beautiful on the inside and out. I met her last year and am so sad to see her time here in the United States end, but am so excited to have crossed paths with her and wish […]

sofia class of 2011

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I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is making announcements. BUT…I do have one more big one…we will be holding another 2011 workshop! The dates will be September 16th and 17th, but you can see all of the details on the workshop website. Registration will go live Thursday morning, March 24th!! And, I’ll leave […]


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Another first day of school…come and gone. Another mom feeling the bitter sweetness of this time of year. Another senior waiting VERY patiently for a peek of her senior pictures. Enjoy some pictures of this beautiful and very talented senior!

mary class of 2011

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Remember my over dramatic Anthropologie obsessed blog post? Well, here’s part two of my little project and I am so thrilled the the lovely Becki did such an amazing job. The last and final shoot to this series is on it’s way soon. Just as soon as I shoot it… Oh, and let’s just end […]

part 2

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I find inspiration from many different sources…namely magazine ads, other photographers, daily life… …but then there is Anthropologie. I love the look of Anthropologie. No, I don’t think you understand. I get crazy giddy when I get their catalog comes in the mail. When I have more than two seconds of spare time in my […]

my love of anthropologie

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all right, that’s IT. i am freakishly behind on most everything in my life right now. blog included. so, in an effort to help the blogging situation, i am going to post every day until i get caught up on those poor souls just waiting to get a peek at their recent sessions! meet the […]

i’ve had it

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