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One of the coolest things about our workshops is the chance we have to work with some of our very favorite companies. We have been long time users and lovers of Totally Rad Actions and are thrilled to have them support and sponsor our workshops.  We just held our last 2011 workshop last weekend and I have been uber excited to share some of our experiences, thoughts, and images.  With that in mind, we are giving a big shout out to our rad friends over at Totally Rad Actions and the totally rad products they create to make our job easier and images really rad (I REALLY love it that they brought back “rad”  from the 90’s and I am going to overuse it).

What’s that?  You want to get straight to the giveaway of $150 to the Totally Rad Store?  Keep scrolling down to find out how you can win!

I love recipes.  I use them on almost all images I edit in Photoshop.  This is where I combine several actions and/or steps in Photoshop to come up with a “look.”  I decide on the mood or feel I want for a particular shoot, and start combining actions to create my recipe for that entire shoot.  Here are a few images from our September 16th and 17th workshop edited with Totally Rad Actions.

Oh yes…about that winning part.  In order to win the $150 to the Totally Rad Store, we are going to play a little recipe game.  It’s called Take-Your-Best-Guess-At-The-Recipe-I-Used-For-Either-Of-The-Two-Edited-Images-Above-And-Whoever-Is-Closest-to-the-Real-Recipe-WINS game!

To make it easier for everyone, here are a few rules and hints…

  • Make a list of the actions you think I used to create either one of the two edited images above (please only submit one recipe for one image)
  • Contest ends Monday, October 3rd at 9 am (est)
  • To make it easier for you, I used only actions from TRA2 – The Revenge Set.
  • I used 3-5 actions + one sharpening action on each of the two edited images.
  • You can see all actions from TRA2 and examples by clicking HERE to help you see what the actions look like and what effect they produce.
  • Please leave your recipe guess in the comment section of my blog.
  • An example of what a recipe guess might look like…
  1. Claire-ify 100%
  2. Acid Washed 25%
  3. Select-0-pop 100%
  4. Pool Party 50%

Want to see what else Totally Rad has to offer?  Go check out Travis’ post on his blog for RADLAB…a newer product, that is well….freaking RAD.

If you would like to see all that they have to offer and purchase some rad products for yourself, click the image below!!!



  1. […] LOVE Totally Rad‘s new interface for Photoshop called RadLab. I’ve been a huge fan of their actions for some time now, and use their actions in just about every shoot I retouch. And now they’ve made my job not only easier, but way more fun! If you haven’t checked out RadLab, here’s a little peak. Oh yeah, and just so you know, you could WIN THIS awesome plugin (or $$$ to spend at Totally Rad) through a contest we’re holding over at Jean’s blog. […]

  2. stephanie jensen says:

    Ha! This is great! Ok, I have only used Totally Rad’s Set 1, so I am totally guessing. My guess for the couple is

    Burn-out 50%
    Troy 50%
    Lux 20%
    Get Faded Summer 10%
    Clairefy 25%
    J Sharpen 100%

  3. Holly says:

    Okay. I’ll bite. 🙂

    Image #1…
    Select-o-Pop 80%
    Claireify 100%
    Lux (Hard) 50%

  4. gina says:

    Okay, on the top image of the girl I’m going to say:

    Grandma’s Tap Shoes 50%
    Pool Party 85%
    Select-o-sharp 100%
    Lux 20%
    Wish You were here 85%
    Flare-up 30%

  5. Lisa says:

    I am so guessing here because I have no experience with the actions (although I would LOVE to!!)

    On image #1:

    Sparta- 50%
    Troy- 10%
    Flare up golden- 20%
    Lux soft- 20%
    Pool Party- 30%
    Select o sharp- 100%

  6. Jessica says:

    Ok, here goes! For the picture of the couple, I am going to say,

    Clairify 100%
    Grandma’s Tap Shoes 75%
    Pool Party 10%
    Sharp like a knife 100%

  7. Jennifer says:

    My best guess for the couple…
    claire-ify 30%
    Grandma’s Tap Shoes 40%
    Wish you were here 30%
    Dirty Diana 90%
    J-Sharp 95%

  8. Lisa says:

    Image 2 –
    Claire-ify 50%
    Sparta 15%
    Lux(Hard) 25%
    Dirty Diana 15%
    A Better Web Sharpen 100%

  9. Kim Hauman says:

    2nd picture

    Grandmas tap Shoes 26%
    pool party 17%
    luxe soft
    jsharp 100%

  10. Kimberly says:

    On Image 1, my guess is:

    Sparta – 80%
    Pool Party – 20%
    Slice Like a Ninja – 50%
    Can-O-Whoopass – 60%

  11. Melissa says:

    I have no idea what any of this means, yet somehow still enjoyed reading the action names

  12. Beth Coopersmith says:

    Little girl: flare up golden 50% autumn flare 25% burnout 50% can of whoopers 100%

  13. Stephen Jones says:

    My wife wanted me to enter for her. Throwing out a guess here.

    Lux Soft 20%
    Pool Party 20%
    Grandma’s Tap Shoes 20%
    Sparta 20%
    Cuts like a knife 50%

  14. ML says:

    For the little girl photo, I would guess:

    Grandma’s Tap Shoes 50%
    Lux (soft) 40%
    Flare Up (Faded) 30%

    A better web sharpen 50%


  15. eleni says:

    Punch out 50%
    Smooth-o-matic 60%
    Greetings from Paradise 40%
    Select-o-sharp 100%


  16. Kasey J says:

    Hello! Ok, here is my guess for the little girl,

    Get Faded Summer 50%
    Get Faded Spring 50%
    Can of Whoopass 50%
    Select o sharp 50%

  17. Laura F says:

    Hi Jean,
    Here is my guess

    Grandmas Tap Shoes 41%
    Pool Party 60%
    Flare up Golden 20%
    Clarify 30%
    A better Web Sharpen 100%


  18. Laura F says:

    Oh and my guess was for image #1. Sorry and thanks

  19. HAU says:

    My guess for the second picture is:

    1. Claire-ify 30%
    2. Grandma’s Tap Shoes 30%
    3. Flare-up (golden) 15%
    4. Get faded (autumn) 25%
    5. Dirty Diana 100%
    6. A Better Web Sharpen 100%

    Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  20. Tania F says:

    Here is my guess for the couple picture…

    Bullet Tooth 15%
    Select-O-Pop 40%
    Flare-Up (Golden) 55%
    Get Faded (Autumn) 25%
    Dirty Diana 90%

    A Better Web Sharpen 90%


  21. Cristina says:

    This is a totally wild guess (and barely before 9AM!), but I didn’t want to pass on the opportunity! 🙂

    Girl picture:
    1) Clare-ify 40%
    2) Can-o-whapass 100%
    3) Grandma’s Tap Shoes 20%
    4) Punch Out 80%

  22. […] « totally rad giveaway! […]

  23. tv online says:

    Good, totally rad giveaway! Jean Smith Photography.

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