We have a winner for the $150 gift certificate to the Totally Rad Actions store!  I was surprised at how close many of you were to my “action recipes” used to create these images!  But, one person was extremely close…and that person (and winner of the contest) is JENNIFER BULLY!!!  Congrats!

The actions I used for the top image (of the little girl) was

  • Claire-ify 50%
  • Punch Out 80%
  • Get Faded Summer 40%
  • Get Faded Autumn 20%
  • Cut like a razor 50%

The actions I used for the bottom image (of the couple) was

  • Sparta 50%
  • Claire-ify 40%
  • Grandma’s Tap Shoes 30%,
  • Wish you were here 50%
  • Dirty diana 50%
  • Cut like a razor 50%

Jennifer, please email me to claim your prize!



  1. Travis Bully says:

    Yippie! I’ll be she doesn’t even know yet. So excited for her……

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