Um, wow.  WOW.

I am blown away at the amazing response to my contest!  Honestly, you ALL rock…every single one of you who particpated…whether you referred or became a fan.

I could ramble on, but I’ll get to the part that you all want to know…the winner!

After all of the sorting and counting and sorting and counting, I put the names in a random name generator (cross my heart and hope to die it was legit…and random).  And the winner is…


Yipee!!!  Congrats to Mary!  Please email me and we’ll chat details.

But, wait!  I’m not done.  There is a certain someone out there that I am actually SHOCKED that her name didn’t come up…with her 445 names submitted and all.  I am so impressed and grateful for her determination and hard work, that I am happy to announce that I have added a second winner for a free mini session.  Bonus!  And my second winner is….


Yippee twice!!!  Thanks Emily and please email me for the details.

But, wait!  I’m not done…again!  I was having so much fun generating random names and feeling so happy about the wonderful people throwing my name all over Facebook and back, that I decided to throw in three more prizes to the next three names that came up.  Soooooooo, these three people win a $100 gift certificate to Jean Smith Photography…

Juliann Sleek, Amy Prater Oetjens, and Tamie Bowlby

Thanks again to everyone!



  1. MJ says:

    WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO! I’ve always loved, adored, and cherished you and your photography. I think the name generator majiggy must know how deep that adoration runs through my veins. Yeah baby! You rock Jean, thank you for being so generous to run such a contest!!!

  2. Mikki says:

    I seriously got a little tear in my eye over your generosity…what a sweetheart you are. I’m sure the winners are ecstatic. Your pictures really are amazing, which make the pictures that much more priceless.

  3. phew, I was feeling so sad for Emily, happy for MARY and then BAM..Emily wins too. Seriously, I’ve never seen one person work so hard…
    PERFECT job. Can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

  4. Emily Adams says:

    I have wanted you to take pics of my kiddies since I saw Anne Knabusch’s pics MONTHS ago! I have been following your blog and checking out your amazing pics and dreaming about my kiddies faces in your photos and now….YYYYEEEESSSS!!! You are so generous to make 2 winners – your time and talent are worth some bank baby and I get to reap the benefits of your expertise – I must be dreaming – HOOORAAAYYYYY!!!

  5. Anne K says:

    Yay for Emily and Amy!!!! You will LOVE Jean!!!

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