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I imagine a lot of people think I am reserved and a bit on the quiet side when they come to my blog. Not a lot of words. Not many stories.  Not a lot about my personal life. However, when you meet me in person, you wonder how you could have thought that since I don’t ever stop talking…and laughing quite loudly.

So, you want to know a little about Jean? I was super flattered when the ladies over at the Maternal Lens blog asked to do an interview.  If you haven’t been on their blog, it is absolutely wonderful and packed with awesome tips, articles, giveaways, and lots of eye candy.  You can check out the interview HERE.

Happy weekend!



  1. Joy says:

    Fabulous!! I loved it!

  2. Allison says:

    Quiet…Shy…whatever! Oh and you left out MOIST as one of you least favorite words. Loved the interview though…fantastic job.

  3. Laurel says:

    Awesome! I read it all, and AGREE. You are the bomb dot com … and a Super Mom!

  4. I’m loving your success! Way to go on everything!

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