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We found a new toy.  A fun, distorting, awesome, little toy…otherwise known as Nikon’s 14mm 2.8 lens.  And we wreaked havoc with it in New York and New Jersey while visiting our friends last week. All of the following images were taken with this sweet little gem.

Jersey shore’n it baby!

Image on left is not taken with the 14mm

Moving right along to go see Lady Liberty (taken by Travis).
All we wanted was the typical group shot of us in front of the entire Statue of Liberty.  But, when we got the point and shoot camera back from the fellow we asked to take the shot, it was us…and the Statue’s big toe.  Huh.  That’s when Travis realized that he could take the picture with him in it…us in it…the Statue of Liberty in it…and even the fellow who originally took the picture peeking over Travis’ shoulder.  14mm lens…GENIUS.

A few of J, A, and Z at Central Park…

And finally, a few examples of what NOT to do with a 14mm lens.  Like, don’t ever allow yourself or any part of yourself be framed closeup and at the side of this lens.  A tiny bit of distortion may occur.  Or a lot.



  1. Kristin says:

    OMG!! LOVE the calm before the storm shots! That happened with the twins too in Miami…my husband was laughing too hard to grab one and he almost went out to sea (my husband that is, as I considered drowning the fool!) Anyway, awesome as always…

  2. Love how much fun your life is, and exactly how beautifully you document it!

  3. Dana Pulver says:

    Love the shots and the lens!

  4. Julie says:

    Love the pictures! It looks like your family knows how to have some fun…pictures you will cherish forever!

  5. Josh S. says:

    I love how the two no-no’s are both taken by the same photographer… someone who is not Jean, nor Travis, and shall remain nameless…

  6. Angie says:

    LOVE THEM! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. heather says:

    Love you guys! So funny!

  8. Amanda says:

    I am just sitting here laughing all over again. I think you need to come see us again, like… NOW. Thanks for road tripping it all the way here and for SUCH a fun time! We sure love you guys.

  9. Allison says:

    That is hilarious!!!

  10. Paige Smith says:

    Hey, my old stomping grounds!! And yes, this might be my favorite post to date. It’s like a fun house on a camera!

  11. Monica says:

    Dang, you and Travis must have met while on the cheer-leading squad, that was a seriously synchronized high jump! Go! Fight! Win! P.s. loved your pouty lips.

  12. jean says:

    A fun house on a camera…perfect description! And no, Monica, we weren’t cheerleaders…we just have many skillz that you obviously didn’t know about. White people can jump too you know. Thanks ya’ll for your comments!!!

  13. paula says:

    Too much fun! I love it!

  14. Gabi says:

    Ha ha you guys are priceless….Love it…

  15. Ali Martin says:

    That is a SAAAWEEEETTT Lens!!! I want one!! Sooo cool!!! And i like the shot of you guys with the statue of liberty they way Travis did it better than a “traditional” shot….way more fun!!

  16. how wonderfully, excitedly fun! yay you! looks like a great trip mrs smith, fun photos 😉

  17. Juliann says:

    So the Smith’s do come out during the day! Here I thought you were vampires that holed up in your house. ;0)

  18. Marla says:

    OH, I love these! That first shot . . . hilarious perfection! Love it . . . and all of these . . . the distorted extreme close ups . . . love those too! So fun!

  19. Joy says:

    Oh, these are super fun!! What an awesome lens. Love the ones of the S family!

  20. Julie Parker says:

    I am SOOOO glad you are finally taking some time for yourselves!!!

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