reality check

I’m still daydreaming. I’ll check back into reality soon and will blog shortly thereafter…



  1. I love your life Jean.

  2. Juliann says:

    Are you back to reality yet? It’s been 4 days and still nothing. Where’s my Jean fix? Or have you taken yet another vacation?

  3. jean says:

    Haha to both of you! Marvett…don’t love my life too much…it is full of no sleep and a lot of stress 🙂 Juliann…Jean fix…I love it! No other vacations…just trying to catch up from my two week absence! I am currently slowly climbing out of the sea of emails I had waiting for me when I got home! Soon…very soon I will post…

  4. Melissa Burnett says:

    I’m dying over all of your photos–its been a little bit since I have had a chance to look. You always blow me away!

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